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Have You Experienced These Grilling Mishaps?

 -  Undercooked Main Dishes...

 -  Burned Side Dishes or Veggies....

 -  Out of Control Flare Ups....

Well, You Just Found the Solution for All of These.

The GRILL SHIFT Lid Prop !


What Is It?

The Grill Shift is a precision crafted accessory for gas grills, which we designed to allow you to regulate the temperature under the hood. 

The Grill Shift is great for high heat, quick searing.  It also adds just the right slow grilling technique for Pork Roasts and Ribs.  When not in use,  the Grill Shift swings right out of the way and allows the hood to be completely closed.

Keep side dishes warm with no risk of burning them while the rest of your meal cooks.  Toast buns, melt butter and thaw frozen food items worry free!  You can even look inside the grill to check on your food while it is still cooking!

How Does the Grill Shift Work ?

This Grill Shift is mounted securely to the gill lid and props the hood open at any of 5 desired heights to allow for perfect airflow throughout the cooking area. This allows circulation of the air inside the grill just like a convection oven.

The actuating arm is solid Stainless Steel so it will not corrode or tarnish. The heat resistant knob is thermally insulated so it will remain cool even when the grill is on its highest setting.

The body is constructed of lightweight, aircraft grade Aluminum which cools quickly when not in use and is super durable so it will last for the life of your grill.

When storing your grill or the Grill Shift is not in use, it can swing right out of the way allowing the lid to be completely closed.


Who Is It For ?

This accessory has been sought after by top grill masters and countless barbecue enthusiasts for years and we have finally perfected it!

Stop fumbling with those sticks, soda cans and rocks... The Grill Shift stays in place so you don't have to worry about it slipping out.

The Grill Shift lets you precisely regulate grilling temperature under the hood so your gas grill can be used to its full potential.

Is It Secure & Easy To Use ?

Other accessories require two handed operation and always seem to fall out of place when you are not looking. But, the Grill Shift lid prop stays mounted firmly to the hood.

The Grill Shift is an absolute must for grilling rotisserie style, it keeps the heat in and lets the smoke out.

Plus, the Grill Shift is not only a very functional tool but, it is also an attractive looking piece of hardware that is sure to add a little flare to your grill, and your next cookout. Stop fumbling with those spatulas, beer cans and accessories that always fall out of place.

Will the Grill Shift Fit My Grill ?

Fits most popular gas grills, even yours!  Plus all the top name brands such as:  COLEMAN, WEBER, CHARBROIL, SUNBEAM, STEELMAN, THERMOS, FIESTA, GREAT OUTDOORS, BRINKMANN and many more!

Now you can have perfect control and allow smoke to escape, cooking your food instead of burning it. Get the Original Grill Shift today... and you will wonder how you ever got by without it!

Online Ordering

The manufacturer's normal retail price for the Grill Shift is $24.95.
But, we have negotiated a factory direct deal so we can offer the genuine Grill Shift at
Only  $18.95 !
(Limited quantities available at this price).


The original Grill Shift is proudly Made in the USA by barbecue lovers just like you! We use domestically sourced, aviation grade alloys and the latest in CNC machining technology for a piece that will last for the life of your grill.

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